Follow the food

Follow the food

Lots of food topics around me are happening. Chats with friends, Miss Fab is all interested in cooking and recipes and the cupboard full of cooking magazines and books is calling my name to be tided up. Not for any other reason (it is nice and hidden after all), but so I can look through finally and update my mental recipe index. I get in a food funk lately. It consists of dreading thinking about dinner. Not the action part that follows it, but the mental process of deciding what to cook. The family are no help either. Here is what happens:

Me: So, what would you like for dinner?

Mr.Blab: Tacos!

Miss Fab: Pasta!

Little B: Dhal and rice!

EVERY time. I do comply often, but it doesnt help with that part in which I am trying to come up with something other than those things. Its safe to say that they are of NO help.

So food is a topic and I thought I will let you follow the food trail here in a day.

Breakfast is fruit. Lots of it.

Lunch (pic above) was Japanese inspired noodle soup.  So first I made a quick chicken stock with bonito flakes, which is where one Japanese part comes in. Then in that stock I cooked the soba noodles. Another ingredient from Japan. And then I poured that on top of some freshly cut cabbage and topped it with spring onions and chillies for me and Mr.Blab. It turned up lovely. Although ours was so hot by the end of it that my lips were burning.

For dinner we had fried rice – somewhat Japanese version. Lots of veggies, some sugar, sesame oil and soy sauce. And rice of course (thanks, Miss Fab, who is leaning on my shoulder and giving me directions…and laughing now…even louder…may be squealing even…OK stop it…you are shaking me, I cant write…go to bed…).

Yumm. We love this one.

Popcorn loves it too.

So does the table, it seems..

What are the chances he is thinking “Maybe I shouldnt make so much mess next time” ?

Hm? Yeah, I thought so.

Next big sister fed him some tiny pieces of pear she had cut up for some of her projects.

After the big clean up it was time for movie night.

We settled on the floor with our big ole bowl of freshly popped popcorn with butter a la Mr.Blab. And “Avatar”. We were probably the last people to watch it.

I was not prepared to like it, but I did. Lots of very valuable lessons and reminders  in there. Some not so easy to explain to the kids who inevitably find it hard to understand some of the accepted values in our society. We have discussed a lot of the things covered in the movie, so it was nice to have a chance to do it again. After the 2h 42min of movie, Little B asked “Why is this movie so short?” – which was the ultimate stamp of approval, if you ask me.

In the meantime, for intermission we made up some banana splits – cut up banana, topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce (melted dark chocolate+cream) and chopped up nuts. This one had a small bit of whipped by Miss Fab cream on top.

Needless to say, it was a good day.