Adventures in finding out a giveaway winner

Adventures in finding out a giveaway winner

If this was a normal blog, or better yet, if I was a normal blogger, I would just assign each commenter on the giveaway post a number, go to an online random number picker, press a button, get a number, snap a screenprint and give you the resulting image as a way to pick the winner. That is what people do. Simple, easy, quick and straight forward.

But noooo. I couldnt just do that. The fact that this blog is not so wildly popular or not many of you saw value in what I was offering, meant that I had only a handful of people to pick from. There were too many possibilities to consider. I could have some fun.

But what?

I had an idea.  As I was looking at the names of the people I quickly saw that they all had different first letters. I decided to go with the plastic building blocks we have and grab 7 letters:

Alex, Mel, Bec, Bec, Vanya, Silvia, Nikki. – Yes, Bec got two entries because she asked questions in two comments. I never said you couldnt. ;)

Now, what to do with them? I could let the girls choose. I could. But I felt like something more wild and unpredictable.

The boy!

What if I put the letters in some water for extra messiness and fun?

Yeah…Thats more like it..

And here starts the adventure.
Note: Please dont get excited if you see your letter. This story ends only when I officially announce the winner. Until then, this is one big ole wet anarchy of letter flinging.

We position the boy and wait to see which letter he will take an interest in. Which will be the chosen one. Which? Tell us o popcorn one!

He digs in, swishes around..

..picks a letter and momentarily drops it back in!


Is that it?

It couldnt be. It didnt look like anything. It was…too accidental. Not enough commitment.

We let him go again and hope for a clearer sign.



Lots of group picking…

Nothing specific. Nothing.

Then out of the chaos and water tornadoes splatting everywhere,
out plops a letter. It couldnt stand it anymore.

It had to be heard!

The rebel is revealed:


Great…that was no more picked than the other one.

Confusion settles in, we are laughing through the wetness that is growing around us.

Keep going.

We hope for a miracle. A Ta-Daa moment.

Popcorn doesnt seem to care.

Not even a little bit.

The importance of his role seems to escape him.

Ok, ok, he is giving me chosen ones now.

That is a start.

But there are a lot of chosen ones. Piles of them.

We need one.

We giggle “One, Dodman, One!”

Like he understands…Mr.Blab was even showing a finger to be more descriptive.

Visual communication and all.

And finally he plops a letter in my hand.




Yeah, but it doesnt feel fair anymore. All the picks have been too coincidental, too accidental, too coerced.

I make the call to have a final pick from the three letters that have gotten so far.

And at the start line now we have A, V and N.

Turn them face down to avoid any influence on my genius baby
who of course can recognize letters from the time he was a few months old.



He makes a sonic dash for the blocks.


Two letters in one hand, one letter in the second.

Looks around and chucks the two letters in the water bowl.

We remove the bowl and save the lonely, tired, sick to be wet survivor.

And the winner is:

And the winner is A!

Who jumped out of the water to be noticed.

And survived the grip of Popcorn to win the final.

Congratulations Alex!

Send me the address where I am sending you the pack through the contact form.

Now I know what they mean  by how hard it is to make a movie with animals or children.

Its exhausting, messy and stomach achingly funny.

Next time, random number picker, here I come.

Nah, who am I kidding. Whats the fun in that?


Thanks for playing with me. Til next time, ovations to our survivor winner.