Chalkville, Backyard – a tour

Chalkville, Backyard – a tour

The other day Miss Fab had a friend stay most of the day over. Oh, the fun. A car came, a kid popped out and all three of the kids that could walk vanished in a cloud of dust somewhere in the yard. They would be seen from time to time whizzing past, or like ghosts on a tree, or spitting seeds out from munching on Lilli Pillies, but really we barely saw the things. Yet another excuse I have for not organizing games at birthday parties. They dont need my boring old brain to mess up their fun. They can think of their own things to do just fine, thank you. And sitting in the dirt, flipping sand on their heads is much better than any activity I could serve on a plate with control on the side.

Anywaysy, this is how Chalkville was born. After they were finished sufficiently messing themselves up, they made this:

Well, sorry, it was so big I could not possibly fit it in a picture. Or two..or three for that matter.  So lets have a tour through Chalkville in the State of Backyard.

Here is the town center:

This is Miss Fab’s house and her scooter parked neatly in its spot. A little dog is waiting for her to be home.

Not sure if this was a sign of how witty or how conscientious they are, but they even warned travelers of the dried up playdoh on the side of the road. That is a different story all together, maybe I will get to it at some point.

“Warning! Playdoh ahead”

The shops – IGA – Independent Grocers of Australia. And a lovely friendly grocer to welcome you in.

A bit further you can see the house of Miss Fab’s friend. Lovely, right.

I have to say I was about speechless half way through my tour. I loved it. I thought there surely must be some good sense in owning land and property in Chalkville. I inquired about buying some. The council deliberated and offered me a spot. The service vehicles washed and prepared me a land and voila, it could be mine for $2.

I bought it!

Not bad, huh? Close to the road, close to the shops, right across my daughter and we could share a backyard. I dont know much about real estate, but this seemed good.

Now I had a decision to make. Who will build me a house? Me? Or some of the wonderful architects around.

Then this vision of a creature jumped about and insisted to do it for me.

I was not sure, she looked a bit young to be a good architect. I wanted my house in good hands.

I requested to see some of her work. She took me to her abode and that was THAT, I was hers.

She had her cozy spot next to the greenery of the nearing forest, she had garden and animals all around. She had a post box, flower pots, bells, and a roof garden. It was the most beautiful house in town.

And it was next to the park!

Location, location, they say.

My location was not that good:

But I hoped she can sort me out somehow.

And those creative sorts, you know them, they never follow rules. They are of no concern to them. So this wonderful artist that took me upon her wing, ignored my allotted lot, ignored council and just built me a house in the spot she decided was best.

And what a house it was!

Welcome to my house with two, tall,  trees in Chalkville.

Doors are open. Come by any time.

We can smell the flowers on the walls or just bury our toes in the lush garden outside…