Shh..sneak peak

Shh..sneak peak

I have boobs.

Mr.Blab has motorized vehicles – as a full proof kid pacifier.

“A! A! A!” vocalizes the little dude while daddy holds him and they check out the trucks, cars, buses, planes, helicopters or anything that can possibly pass in eye or ear range around our house.

“A! A! A! Voo! Voo! “


“Aaaaah..” – the widely known sign for approval or agreement follows. Aaaah, like a relieved sigh for being understood. We love it. We repeat it often even ourselves. It has become part of our family vocabulary. Aaaah… Its not just a flat aaah, it is kind of musical in its pitch. Its almost two sounds – a high Aaa and a low aah. AAah.

So they stand there, at the front door, having some strange conversation of their own. Sometime Mr.Blab takes off into the front yard or chases the weird vehicles next street that are noisily laying the new road.

Mr.Blab also plays wonderfully the extended feet of the Dodman. He is like a mobile ladder for the kid. He requests to be picked up. Mr.Blab complies. Then he just points “A! A! A!” and Mr.Blab goes in the direction of the little finger. Often it will mean just going around the house and playing with the light switches. He loves them things. He might go and point at some food he is trying to reach. Or he just drives takes Mr.Blab outside and directs him to pick some fruits and points to his mouth “A! A! A!” (fill this space!).

That finger is a powerful weapon while a boy is riding his daddy.

In short, the boy has figured out that he can literally play his daddy with just one finger.

Shh..don’t tell anybody.

No. Not because its supposed to be demeaning to be a responsive father to ones children. But because its more fun that way.