Cry baby and the symphony orchestra

Cry baby and the symphony orchestra

We will start with some housekeeping. Ha! I could have put this respectfully at the end, but who will read it then? Who? Plus it kind of adds to the suspense.

The end of the S&B giveaway, first ever in the whole world, and the announcement of the winner will be this Sunday. That is the 25th of April. So far the participants have a wonderful chance of winning, as there is not much competition. I am trying to not take it personally and it did not for a second cross my mind that my gifts are unwanted. But if you wanted to and it skipped your mind, go and ask me a question and be in the running. Thats it. Now you have been warned.


The other day I took the girls to meet the symphony orchestra. Its a special program they do, where they go to local community centers and do a special performance in which they explain the set up and go through the instruments and what they add to the music.

We were excited.

See – excited with tickets in hand:

The hall was cosy and welcoming. The kids sit on the floor. Mine were right at the front. Right there, the girl with the hat and denim jacket…yeah, that is Miss Fab.  Little B is somewhere there, I am sure.

They had the orchestra dressed in different color codes to represent the strings, the brass, the woodwind and percussion family. The woman running the show was quite lovely and made the whole thing interesting and approachable. So did all the musicians, who played along with her when presenting their particular instrument.

In between all the talk, there was music.

And oh, boy. That music really has an impact on me. I feel it in my soul. I can almost touch each and every note, the strings that stop my breath, the harp that twirls my mind… every time they played, my eyes would feel with tears. I could not escape from it.  I tried looking down, even pretending I am after something in my handbag, it didnt work. I managed somehow to keep the tears from flowing, but it took a lot. I was not prepared for such a reaction. I dont think I have ever been to a proper performance. True, I have favorite pieces I listen to sometimes at home, but it cannot compare.

Now I want to go alone to a performance in the concert hall – with a bagful of tissues.

After the show finished, the musicians came out with some instruments and let the kids try them out.

Little B took awhile to decide what she wanted to try.

She walked around. She checked on things.

Then she saw what she was after.

She whispers something in the woman’s ear..

The violinist smiles widely and sets her up.

Little B is loving it.

Miss Fab was trying to get to the “percussion guy” to no avail. Cause you know, the “percussion guy” is the coolest. Then she settled for a go at the cello and on the way out they both get a go at the drum.

Little B: Mum, do you know what I told the woman? – with sparkles in her eyes

Me: No, what did you?

Little B: I told her I liked the violin the best. And she said it was her favorite too – jumping around with glee.