Quinoa salad

Quinoa salad

Quinoa is supposed to be a lovely grain. Full of nutrients and whatnots. Awhile ago I had tried to cook with it and we were not impressed. It got left outside of our family recipe book.

Then I thought to try a cold salad with it. In essence tabouli, but instead of bulghur I used quinoa. If you dont know what tabouli is, you cannot be helped, sorry.

Here is the short of it:

2 cups of quinoa boiled for 10min and drained

a bunch of tomatoes finely chopped

1-2 cucumbers finely chopped

lots of parsley

a bit less of mint

a bunch of spring onions chopped

some cumin

salt / pepper

extra virgin olive oil

lemon to taste

garlic to taste

makes a whole lot of yummy salad:

To go with it I make either humus or bean salad. The second goes like that – beans, thinly sliced red/spanish onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Both go divinely with the salad.

To add some fun we eat it with some simple corn chips, which are handy to just pile food on top, or to crunch on in between fresh goodness.

We have eaten a whole lot of this combination this summer. A whole lot. As a matter of fact, we have some left overs in the fridge as we speak. We may be addicted.

Quinoa is back in the good books. It is very tasty actually, I dont know what I was thinking before ;)


P.S. Alex Simpson, thank you for the kind comment. I am glad you are enjoying yourself around here. And it looks like there wont be much competition for the pack, so you never know…