Market Day and fridge stuff

Market Day and fridge stuff

Our fridge is just like any other that happens to reside under the same roof as growing children – marked, scratched, fingerprinted and LOADED on the outside. I attempt to clean it from time to time, I hide the pesky magnet letters that seem to glue themselves onto it and removing them necessitates using a knife, which in turn puts more scratches on it..but eventually the white box seems to always look like an industrial magnet for everything that is paper around the house – Sluuuuurp! Ta Daaa!

Thats not enough though. The kids are prolific artists and creations hang just about everywhere they would stick. Mr.Blab has a little collection next to his desk of portraits that is being delivered by Little B. He has recently secretly removed the curled at the edges animal drawings that adorned the wall around him.

Thats not enough though.

From time to time the girls would make a gallery, usually outside. They would hang their stuff, they would price it and invite us, the art critics, to throw an eye and bring our fat wallets. And we leave the event buckled under piles of art, but with lighter pockets.

And this day started like that, kind of. Ms Fab has been liking trying to think of ways to make a few cents here and there.  So today it all kind of developed a bit further and things got more organized. Her massage parlor got a proper pricelist, as did the drawing studio. She also picked some lili pilies and packaged them up.

Our lili pili addict went to bring out her piggy bank and bought most of them.

Mr.Blab and I purchased a few portraits and a fruit bag for Caramel Popcorn.

She was busy and loving it.

Little B got in on the business of drawing and I ended up with a bunch of images of myself.

Notice: First top right picture – my boob and Popcorn attached to it ;)

Bottom right is the one from Miss Fab.

I was spending heaps. The coin jar was looking airy.

I offered portraits too. A bit rusty, but the kids were suitably impressed. “You are the best Mum!”

Ms.Fab insisted on doing another portrait of me, using what she had gathered from looking over my shoulder.

Excitement was growing, businesses were buzzing and coins flying around so fast they got hot, I am sure.

Before dinner, Little B organized a Michael Jackson performance. She had a poster, prices, seating and all. It was dark and sister provided the lighting with the new cap with spot flash in the front. That was improved later by the addition of more flashes and various techniques. Rhino, the avid Jackson fan made a fool of himself, Mr.Blab booed him and almost caused a riot in the mosh pit. That was fun!

The day was so successful, that we will now have regular Market Day every week.

So the likelihood that my fridge will ever be naked is none.