Ask and you may receive

Ask and you may receive

Back in the days around Little B’s birthday when I got into felting, I made this bowl and thought it might be nice to have it as a gift for one of you. Then it went into my wardrobe waiting for better times, or also known as, me finishing up the project. Believe me, there are a few of those around – waiting.I hear their yawns around the house daily.

The other day I decided to just go for it and put together a little Snaps & Blabs pack. Since I have no cars, or washing machines or any budget for this really, this is going to be a very personal little giveaway.

So far it consists of a woolen felted bowl/hat in honor of the felted bag I made for Little B.

Along with this goes one of the Easter eggs I made recently.

To help in any attempts to tie dye eggs the receiver might be willing to do, I cut up pieces of the 5 most successful silks we used and they go along for the ride too.

To fill up the empty space will be 10 of the lovely little gift tags we use for gifts we give to friends.

I said so far, because you never know what I might come up with until this package has to leave to one of you. But since I dont know if I will have a good idea, I am leaving this hanging. A surprise, a possible surprise, if you wish.

To have a chance to receive this simple, but very personal collection of items, you have to jump on one foot, cook with the other, support a breastfeeding infant with one hand and take a self portrait with the other. Send to me. Oook?

If you cant muster that, the cheater’s way will be to comment with a question/questions you want to ask me. If enough of you are not skilled at the old cooking, jumping, feeding, shooting routine, we might end up with a kind of an infrequently asked questions list.

Deadline – between the 18th and the end of the month. I will let you know when ;)