What says you

What says you

Caramel Popcorn is still not talking. Ok, he says a word here and there, but it will take a lot of bending of the truth to call it talking.

That is not to say that he is not communicating. No sirree.

First, he has signing to fall back on. I have used signing with all the kids and have found it a wonderful way of giving them voice from very early on. They can ask for things they need, for more of it, to let us know when they are finished and so on. It helps a lot. Even though he started signing a bit later than the girls, he is the only one that has improvised and come up with his own signs.  For example the “more” sign is patting your fingers to your chest. He would pat anything BUT his chest, unless he is really wanting more. Same with asking to nurse. My sign for that is patting with a hand on the mouth. He would pat my chest, he would pat my mouth, but he would pat his mouth only when he is really serious or wants to make sure there is no misunderstanding about it. Give me the breast, mum, look I am using the proper sign and all, you cant possibly think I want something else.

Next he has sounds. He would walk around with his pointed finger and say “A! a! a! a! Aaaaa! Aaaa! A!” in all seriousness. He can carry whole conversations like that – the intonation changes, the face too. He would carry on until you guess what he is trying to say, THEN he would say this “A a!” – a relief kind of sound – which means “yeah, thats it”. It can also mean “Yes”.

And of course he has body language which may be the best of them all. For example gently turning your face to face him, so he can have your attention and “Aaaa!” to you. Or backing into you with some book, so you can read it. The loving gestures are our favorites. Sitting on the floor, we would get passing gentle hugs from behind. The head on shoulder and arms around the neck when he needs some loving. The pats on the back while doing it. If he is a bit rough with the girls and they show he caused them some pain, he would go and give them a kiss. The happy food dance – rapid stepping in one spot with the said food in hand.

I will miss all this when he starts to talk. Not that it wont be there anymore, but because it will go to the background and be replaced by plain words.

Still, it was quite fun the other day when we were in the shops and the girls were being silly and he was repeating after me:

– Koo-koo. Koo-koo!