Easter fairies and sweet bread

Easter fairies and sweet bread

Easter morning we were rudely awakened by kids making earthquakes on our bed and opening blinds and general commotion. To give them credit they did attempt to wake us up by being overly loud outside of the bedroom, but we had  attempted to ignore it. It was way to early.

You would think that they couldnt wait to search for chocolates stuck in dusty places around the house. I thought so too. But nooo. They wanted to start OUR egg hunt. See, Ms Fab had bought chocolate eggs for us and then hid them and made hints to their location. And here we are, Mr.Blab and I, puffy eyed, barely awake, being handed our clues and sent on our way. Kids excitedly jumping around and watching our every move.

It didnt take long before we were all running around the house and having a ball with it all.

Then the pressure, to quickly make something like it as well for their hunt. It was our fault, we had started the clues tradition awhile ago, when Ms Fab couldnt even read. Then I would print some pictures as clues and she had to follow those. Truth is that this Easter I was a bit lazy and hoping to make it without too much work. Just hide and they will seek. Apparently that is way bellow their expectations. That is what we get for being all creative and all.

We put some brains together and in no time had some clues, on colorful paper and some in between rhymes too:

The kids surprised us. They asked for hard and we gave them hard. Still they had very little trouble finding the eggs. Would you know where to look with this clue?

“How can you wear a man?”

THe others were less coded, but still not easy:

“Its on your screen, then on your papers.
Have you seen how that happens?”

“When you squish them
They are red as blood.
When you eat them
they are blue as the sky.”
(Little B  figured that one out)

“Saturday night is groovy,
we always need a …”

Then the kids got busy freeing the world from a pile of chocolates – and quite good at it, I might say. I was attempting at baking a traditional Bulgarian sweet bread – kozunak. Its not easy. It needs to be fluffy with thread like insides. I have only tried to make it once before with not very good results.

LOTS of kneading. Lots of it. Thank goodness for the bread maker.

The final raising dough looked promising.

I burned them a bit. I think my oven was too hot to begin with.

Still the result was not bad at all. Almost as I remember it.

Here is what our neighbor got. A small version of ours:

This is our big ole bread.

It didnt last long.


Then the girls got busy dressing up.

Easter fairies they were.

With an Easter Elf I guess…

He loves this stuff.

And it rather suits him, wouldnt you say?

The hat eventually ended up with one sister and the butterfly hair band with the other.

Heaps of sugar.

Running around like mad winged nuts.

Equals one tired Cat Woman with a microphone in hand.