Making things better

Making things better

Remember the silk tie dyed eggs I crafted the other day? Here is the ending of this story.

Wondering what to do with the little beauties, it was decided to make a tree to hang them on. I sent the girls out to fetch some suitable branches and they did pretty good. Our Lily Pilly tree sheds a decent amount so we got lucky.

Next we painted. And dried in the sun.

I was not sure what to do with the blown eggs. I had no clue how one would attach them to stuff, hang them on what, how… So I sat with the boxes of eggs and thought. Then pulled the winded thin wire out of the back of the house and started to twist bits of it and making little hooks. I did them all.

And I didnt like it.

Then I wrapped some fluffy white yarn around them in the hope of hiding the ugly wires.

Still didnt like it.

The yarn gave me an idea. I pulled another yarn and quickly made a little crochet top.

Much better.

Then I crochet tops for all of them and glued them on.

And this is the result ( you can still see the little wire showing up through the hole in the middle of the top):

I really liked how they turned out. A bit like acorn eggs.

Then we made a few bows from the silks we used to dye the eggs and the tree was complete.

Along with the broken shell, which was now a home for a lonely chicken.

And since I had my picture, I told the kids they can do whatever they want, as they were itching to do something.

They got their hands on it.

Chickens sprawled out of nowhere and started trying to
“free the chickens inside the eggs”

Some were so weak, or clever,  they needed others to carry them.

And there was Bat Chicken.

I like how the yellow one is looking at it thinking “What the?!”

The tree was taken over.

Remember that, keep this in mind every time you see something mellow, simple, touched with care  on this blog.

It never stays that way. It goes on to have a life of its own.

A life that has very little to do with


A life that is a little bit better.

A life that is real and not a page in a magazine.


Happy Easter