A Lunch

A Lunch

Here is a sneak peak at a lunch outside. Yesterday.

I enjoyed a wonderful salad – rocket, tomatoes, radishes, olives, capers and freshly boiled eggs with a bit of Caesar salad dressing.

I love salad. Loooove it. Especially if someone makes it for me. Outside of the house salads tend to be a pile of greens, the cheap ones, and just a few touches of other things, just enough to call them ingredients. I prefer mine.

Ms. Fab made a little snack plate – olives, capers and salt and cumin for dunking eggs.

Little B had chickens.

No, wait a minute, thats not right.
Behind the chickens you can just see her lunch – carrot and cheese sandwich, tomatoes and egg.

The Caramel Popcorn had whatever I gave him. He was not hungry yet  so didnt get a plate of his own.

After the snack, Ms Fab finished off the left over soup from the dinner before –
cauliflower, potato and leak soup, topped with my yummy flavored crunch and spring onions.

Mr. Blab was busy warming up some left over pasta and veggie bake.

He was late for lunch, because someone had just woken up from sleeping on top of him.

Who, you ask?

I will not name names.

My lips are sealed.