Yes, I am still…

Yes, I am still…


Being an irregular blogger

Sticking  finger in my nose to search for a treasure

Enjoying tickling people, especially those that giggle funny



Wondering what in the world am I doing

Day dreaming

Able to jump elastics and do a wonderful cartwheel

Hoping to one day build my own house with my own hands

Having ugly days, days when things just seem, well, ugly

Enjoying staring at the clouds

Unable to understand the world

Trying to figure out how to regularly get on the treadmill

Full of questions

Liking backrubs, scratches, pats…any skin  attention really

Able to laugh at myself

Leaving my eyebrows to grow way to wild before giving them my time

A pain sometimes

A great opponent of big business/organizations of any kind

An optimist

A pessimist

In awe of all I have experienced

Tying a scarf around my greasy hair when I am too lazy to wash it

Enjoying conversations

Not quiet and reserved

Sure that Mr.Blabs toes have been abducted by aliens

Enjoying poking fun at the owner of the wacky evil toes

Loving my family

Being challenged by my family

Writing posts off the cuff

Hoping you dont mind ;)