We went in and survived

We went in and survived

The kids room.

Oh…the kids room.



There was a time when I thought (hahaha) that the room that the kids call their own could be tidy. That it could be possible to walk through it without risk of injury or stepping on some old forsaken fruit. I demanded action. I demanded some assistance. I got upset when opposite me I was met with resistance – with blank hurt stares that would just move limp limbs pretending to be doing all this ‘important’ work.

Then I realized my selfish ways. Then I imagined if some person I was depending on would come and demand I keep my place the way they deem acceptable. I didnt like it. Not one bit. And life has been much better. No. The said room is not tidy, far from it. But we dont spend afternoons sulking at each other and the kids do have some ownership of their room right now. And they do have little sprees here and there when they improve it or work on it.

Then the other day they wanted to have the bunk beds set up, which required us to enter and disturb the established flora and fauna. And then Mr.Blab and I couldnt help it, we just had to clean it up a bit. It took us an afternoon and part of the next morning to finish up. I was impressed, they had managed to reach a sophisticated level of chaos. Sophisticated, because it was not just stuff thrown around, but carefully positioned out of its place – be it under the beds, or on ledges, or behind other piles of unknown stuff. It was an unknown system of organization only revealing itself to the little ones.

We cleaned it all up.

Worst discovery: a half eaten pear dated Way Too Old.

They like it of course. Miss Fab is walking around and trying to keep everything in place. Little B is less impressed, but she responds to her sister’s requests to pick up. It will not last long, we all know that. But its their room, not ours, and they can have their own rules there.

When we cant stand it anymore, we will commando run in and make it livable again.

Now I have a new craft project – to make some big pillows for the comfy floor reading area we created.

They will be able to hide a bunch of pears under there too,  if the need arises …