And the rains came, with a bang

And the rains came, with a bang

It has been dry, dry, dry…dry. For a very long time. There are spots in the garden that have not seen water it yonks. There were a few times the weather ‘predictors’ would plant seeds of hope in our hearts that rains are coming, but we just ended up with super muggy days with a few clouds, just enough to hold all the moisture and torture us needlessly.

Until today.

The sky was looking grim, but not too bad most of the day. I cant say I suspected something will happen at all, I think I had stopped hoping completely. Until a few minutes before it hit. You could smell it, feel it in your bones. The winds picked up and the blinds started to wiggle noisily on the windows. And the thunders struck and the sweet sounds of water pitter patter engulfed the warm soil.

It was loud, it was strong, it was scary and fun.

We ran from window to window trying to get a glimpse of the lightnings.

I could feel the cool air on my face and the fine mist on my toes while snapping pictures through the door.

The kids were running around excited and scared at the same time.
Miss Fab ran in her room and covered herself with a sheet at some point,
it seems it provided some protection.

It didnt last long, as usual.

It was time for the best part.

It was time for rainbows and colors that only storms leave behind,
as though to compensate for their grand entrance.

The gray and blue period.

A change is coming..

The warmth of the sunset brings the best colors.
Hello, reds, oranges, purples, yellows…

One end of the rainbow…

And the other:


The last shot of the day was taken by Mr.Blab.
He went up the stairs and took the last rays of the day, while I was sitting down to eat on the table set by the girls, because I was busy taking pictures and they were impatient to start dinner.

Credit: Mr.Blab
Although the settings were mine ;)

And so it ended.
Although the thunders continued throughout the night

Welcome rain, we missed you.