Mothers Day Delight

Mothers Day Delight

Happy Mothers Day to all who are, well, mothers.

This family stuff is worth it when you get greeted with this for breakfast, be it for one day of the year. Mr. Blab doesnt cook really, so the feat of whipping scrambled eggs didnt go unnoticed, by any means.

But really, I dont look forward to today, as the time for feeling loved and appreciated. I get that every day. The truth is I like what everyone does, to be pampered and not feel like I have to clean up after everything.

Getting breakfast and a clean kitchen after it without any effort, makes my day any time. And when my daughter cuts up carefully in little pieces a special fruit salad for that same breakfast and presents it proudly for me, well the day is even better.

The most enjoyable part about being a mother for me, is when I get past a challenging bit. When I figure out a way to deal with an issue, I or one of my kids has in this complicated relationship. Then, I feel accomplished and like I deserve this position in anyone’s life.

I wish I didnt feel so much pressure about it all, but I guess it keeps me on my toes and pushes me to be better. Not perfect, that is definitely an impossible dream. Just the best I can be in guiding and supporting these other human beings that happen to be my children.

If for nothing else, but for that one lazy morning on that elusive day, when I dont have to cook and clean up for breakfast.

Happy Holiday!