The big sprawl and a big [shite] load of pictures.

The big sprawl and a big [shite] load of pictures.

If dirty kids is something common around here. Those littlies  that just fall asleep anywhere, anytime are quite unfamiliar to me. It is a bit of a lie though, as Little B does fall asleep now on the couch or on a comfy place from time to time, but not when she was a tiny little baby/toddler – so imagine that I didnt mention this at all.

As the picture at the beginning of the post may have given the punchline of the story, I may as well say that this was all true until…until the other day when upon my return in the house, where Mr.Blab was watching over the Popcorn, I was met with this view. My son had fallen asleep on the play pad. Apparently he was playing with one of his annoying (to us, he actually quite likes it despite of our attitudes) musical toys and he nodded off. For 1.5 hours! WOW!

Other than watching that and hosing children all day long, I am also trying to figure out a way to deal with… 23,983 pictures. That is over 30 pictures every single day for 2 years! And that is not everything. That is what I have accumulated in the last 2 years. My laptop is full, my external drive is full and well its all stuffed to the rim frankly. All red, all with warnings, all bloody annoying (maybe even more than the piano toy mentioned above).

So I procrastinate and enjoy my son sleeping on the floor and hope that a magic storage wizard will come to me and solve all my problems – get me two copies of everything on two different locations, set up automatic backups for the future and then smile at me and disappear in a cloud of caramel smelling smoke.

Hope should die last.


P.S. Mr.Blab: You couldnt squeeze a couple more of those thousands of pictures in? Pathetically small blog…

Should I kill him or just slice his fingertips off and dunk his hands in alcohol?