Yes, my kids are filthy…most of the time.

Yes, my kids are filthy…most of the time.

I am sure there is no need for me to pull out photographic evidence to prove the above statement. There is a plenty of that and if you are not convinced and feel that I live in a fairy fluffy lovely land lined with pink bows and white feathers, this post should do it.

No, its not like its some kind of a personal goal to have my children covered in just about anything that sticks. Wait, thats not quite right, also things that dont, cause if you prime the skin surface with enough OTHER sticky stuff, then the list of things that can be effortlessly attached to it gets unbelievably long. But it takes no special push on my part. In fact, the act of the littlies getting filthy is like a perpetuum mobile masterpiece – never ending.

I am sure most parents would just nod in agreement and with that knowing smile on their face, as I dont think my kids are in any way special in this area – maybe in their mastery, but even there I am not so sure. The trick is to go with it and try to enjoy it. Fighting it is pointless and nerve wrecking, just look at most parents around you who try to keep that special dress/pants safe from the incoming barrage of grub.   We chose to go with the flow, and document it.

It starts seemingly innocently. Like today. Our second fruit tree is ripe for picking, so the kids will often ask to go pick Lily Pillies. Nothing wrong with that, lets go. Daddy brings over the ladder to get a better position to the juicy pink berries.

Stairs get climbed on, berries eaten..lovely stuff.

The Dodman is doing nothing in particular. Just coming from time to time and demanding his mouth be filled with pink goodness. Then he is off, walking around and exploring.

And here is where the filth came this particular day. Just from the sandy driveway.

Just in case you are missing the detail of his grubbiness I have conveniently given you an extra shot to enjoy.

And thats not all.

His face didnt miss the opportunity to attract some of the black stuff. No sirree. Fat chance.

This is one of my kids after all.

And they are simply filthy…

..just about all the time.