Its been more than a week…

Mr.Blab said tonight:

“I will have to find myself another blog to follow” – while washing the dishes.

Its not surprising really. He has been asking me daily, few times a day, often if I have blogged. And you should see his puppy dog face when I answer negatively.

A few seconds later he commented under his breath:
“Although it will be a bit hard to find another blog about my family…”


“Oh yeah…really…you think you can do whatever you want…cause…cause you have monopoly of the market?”


So I thought I will come and get him out of his misery a bit. I do love the man after all. I am pretty sure.

It has been over a week, which is not usual for my blogging career. The reason for my absence is not lack of ideas or photos to attach to them. The truth is I just dont feel very writy (translation: feeling like writing) at the moment. It all started when our internet connection went slow and it was torture to use it, which caused me to break the habit. Not completely, lets be honest, just a little bit. Enough to spend the nights knitting instead of reading about line graphs or whatever in the world I have stumbled upon that evening.

I have been thinking for awhile now how it will be so good to have some kind of device to record my thoughts while lying down with the Popcorn to keep him company to fall asleep. I have the best ideas then, the best blog posts get written there, although they are never as good when I actually get down to putting them down on “paper”. My mind just flows and my inner philosopher comes alive undisturbed by daily realities, it obviously prefers the dark of the night.

Alas, such device is not in my possession hence the week long pause laziness bad blogger adventure.

But enough about me, how are you all going?