Quite unplanned, inspired by a quick documentary on Michael Jackson yesterday, Little B chose “This is it” for her turn at movie night. She is loving the songs and dances and has a bunch of them down pat – face expressions and all.
On the other hand, I am no Jackson fan. I like his music and appreciate his performances, but would not call myself a fan. Still, I was curious to see what he had planned for the concert that never was.

I, like many others, found him quite odd. And in the later years, freaky. I admit that I have felt pity on him, as I cannot imagine someone happy and comfortable in their skin defacing themselves like that. I will not comment on the usual controversy around him, as I have never been privy to his life  or am interested in discussing something I have no knowledge about. I will only say that after seeing his announcement about the upcoming concert I mentally made a judgment that it was not a good idea and he will probably flop.

The documentary is done well and goes through most of the songs’ rehearsals in different stages of development. Some had no footage as they didnt get to them. The scale of the production was impossible not to impress – all the people, all the hopes and dreams, the technology, the know how, the creativity, the hard work. All of it revolving around one person, Jackson.  As much as I dont consider myself a fan, every time I actually watch him I am sold. I feel his talent tangible in my hands and become fully involved in his performance. My body tingles with the lost urge to move and create beauty with form and motion.  Creative ability truly inspires me, be it the work and design philosophies of Kenji Ekuan or the subtle moves of rehearsing aging pop idol. It leaves me lighter on my feet and with a feel of the world around me that is raised above the tunnel vision of the gray daily unimportant  details.

So I wanted to apologize to Michael for jumping to a verdict about his work. He would have pulled this off and there is not a question in my mind. Once he is on stage the nose is gone, the funny giggle is lost, the dimple on his chin is not an issue and his long thin legs do their thing and all that is felt is talent – thick, fill your gut and senses talent.

I am going to bed inspired and with a tune in my head…If they say – Why, why, tell ’em that is human nature…Why, why, does he do me that way…