Getting back home

Getting back home

All great things come to an end…they say. I dont like this saying, its so pessimistic and grumpy, like a sour puss on top of a warm newborn kitten. Get off!

But our trip did have to come to an end, but not before we took a drive the long way home. We felt like sight seeing.

The forests in the beginning of the drive were so beautiful and a nice change from the dryness of the city.

And there was a lot of it. Green and luscious.

Until we came half way and stopped for a break. We were looking for a nice waterfront place or park to rest and let the kids run wild, instead we stumbled on a fancy waterfront new development. But it had coffee, ice drinks and water. We enjoyed..


The Caramel loved the decorations and the ceiling. I think he was still a bit woozy from the long trip and being strapped down like a madman. I think he was smelling freedom and air..

We waited for our refreshments..

And went outside and sat on the grass.

Where we drank.

We looked at the scenery.

And Caramel.


He lost it. He was running circles.

The poor boy had a bunch of energy to waste and he sure did.

Unfortunately for him, the car seat was not far away and after we had stretched some limbs and rubbed skin on the grass we were back in the vehicle, now rubbing tires on the road.

The views were now not that inspiring and I was getting bored.


A truck. A car. A truck. A car. A car. A car…


So did some playing with underexposing the sunny day for dramatic effect.

Hey, those clouds are not half bad.


The low point was reached when I started intentionally taking out of focus pictures.


But home felt good.

Its very important to clean and tidy your house before going on a trip. It makes coming back home so much better. Otherwise one feels like coming back to the everyday chores, instead of back to comfort and warmth.

And this is the end of this trip.

Now I want another.

And another.