On the road again (aka Greens Pool worship)

On the road again (aka Greens Pool worship)

Still alive, just managed to exceed our download limit for the month and we are now stuck with a sloooow connection. Which is kind of good, because my computer is gathering dust for real now, but so is my blog unfortunately. I still love you though, k!


So, if you remember, we left this story of ours with me comfortably in bed, covered in soft sheets, hoping that the morning will bring a nice sunny day for us to enjoy the wonderful beach around the corner. The best beach, really.

In the morning we were cautious. The sky was looking clear, there was sun, the hope was alive. Usually we go to the beach in the afternoon and spend our time there until sunset. But today we scrambled our things and flew out trying to catch the nice weather.

Back on the road, with kids in the back…

All was looking fine.

We might just make it…

Fast down the stairs.




Its magnificent.

We made it. Its sunny, warm and we are here.

Feel it?

How about the soft fine sand between your toes?

Or between your bum cheeks?

Or both?

We have traveled, Mr.Blab and I. We have.

But there are very few other places like this one. And since we choose to come outside of the official holidays, we also have the place pretty much to our lovely selves.

It does not get any better.

Well, maybe if you have one of those nakid man with you and you rub his soft sandy bum from time to time…

The girls were happy too.

Off doing their thing, exploring, cartwheeling, jumping, splashing and so on.

They went off with dad to walk along the big rocks. Then I took Miss Fab and did the same.

We looked through some rock pools and people who were fishing amongst the waves.

And around lunch time it was time to get some food in our bellies, so we drove to town. There we saw the future, or what Caramel Popcorn will look like…or what Caramel Popcorn will look like according to Mr.Blab.

I dont know, I am not so sure.

We ordered some fresh Vietnamese rolls from this place, the one with the big round lamps.

Then we headed across the road to the park that was calling our names.

“Come to meeee…looook…me green…me good…me fresh…me have a bench…”

We had no option, so we went.

At first the man was mellow, but then he saw the birds.

Then we sent the big girl after to chase him chasing birds.

He liked it.

But if you thought this was cute (and you better, cause otherwise you will be thrown out of my blog!)
wait till you see the latest trick this little fella has come up with.


“Are you cute, Dodman?”


I have no idea where this came from, but we are lapping it up like thirsty camels in a dry spell desert.

Then some more driving around through the scenery and back roads.

And for dinner we used the bounty from our middle of the road unmanned farm shop from the day before.

Here is what happened to our kipfler potatoes, corn and cucumbers.

Lovely day really.

But just in case you forgot what it was all for, here is a picture for farewell.
(Sorry if you are in the northern hemisphere)

Love it, love it, love it.

Accomplished and snuggled up in the bed with the soft sheets
with  slightly tingling burned shoulders
– yours truly.