On the road again II

On the road again II

I slept really good, although our bed was just a queen and we didnt have much room to play with. On the other hand the sheets were soft, really soft, and the pillows were very comfortable. Or maybe it was the fact that the temperature was cool and after all those warm nights back home, just felt right.

We were awoken by the excited girls, one of them which was a birthday girl. The gifts were all brought out and ready for dismembering opening. Lots of jumping around, torn up paper and it was done in seconds. Then the new scooter was taken for a ride and the rest of the gifts up to the kids room and all around really.

Quick breakfast and some outside fun concluded the early morning.

This is where the lala land world ended up too.

The weather pretty much sucked.

There was not a single blue sky to be seen and it was raining.

But we had orders to go to the petting zoo and nothing was going to stop us. Nothing.
So we jumped in the car and took off.

Being in a rainy area has its advantages, like green surroundings and beautiful lush trees.

We had to come to a sudden stop at the sight of some fresh produce on the side of the road.

We turned and had a better look.

Right in the middle of the small side road, with not a soul in sight, was this little set up:

Produce – carrots, cucumbers, potatoes, corn et cetera, et cetera.

Prices – yep.

People to serve – none.

We grabbed some things and paid.


Right where it said so.

Ok, dont you just love it?

But I couldnt stay and enjoy this example of human goodness. We had places to go.

Animals to pat.

The friendship bracelets Miss Fab made were in use and Little B was loving her new bag too.

I love taking “warm” shots when its cloudy and rainy.

And more road snaps (I warned you).

And then we were there.

The goats were sooo happy.

See, because the weather was crappy, people were not coming and the animals were hungry. Their usual parade of humans with bags of feed were somewhere else, keeping dry.

But not us.

They loved us – or wanted to eat us, I am not sure which.

That middle one is Lips. We named her last time because she does this funny thing with her mouth. It looks like a goat thing, but she does it more so than the other ones.

The Dod was into it straight away. He had no qualms putting his hands in just about any mouth.

This one was not hungry. Just wanted to sleep.

These ones were from the mob, I think. They were giving me the evil eye.

The ducks couldnt care any less who we were. They just walked around like they owned the place.

And kept on jumping in this little pan. Muahaha, and they think they are All That?! Snicker.

See, another animal has my sons’ hand in their mouth.

This one sucked on it too. You can see it in his eyes.

“I have sucked on the Caramel Popcorn! Have you?”

As a matter of fact…

Then the ducks walked by in their snobby way.  Or was it wobbly…
Dont judge, my English is not that good.

Miss Fab spent most of her time with the bunnies and guinea pigs.
She was stealing grass from the camel,
which was too busy parading around proud of its caramelized mouth.

And then Mr.Blab had the camera.

Which is not always good.

He documented me from beehind. In all my glory.

Lets dissect, shall we.
The boy is bare footed, cause we were not prepared for cold weather. So I had the pink scarf dug from the car to wrap him in it. That top and those pants were the only warmer clothes in my arsenal too. Too bad they didnt match, work together in any way. But at least he didnt capture the best part. My flip flops. My Birkis.  The look was wonderful, I tell you.

Even she was staring at me.

The best part for me was yet to come though.

A birth.

One of the goats gave birth while we were there.

It was beautiful.

She licked them so carefully and loving.

One of them was calling loudly and strong. But she was giving the other one more attention. I wondered if its because she feels it needed her help more.. Also the whole time she would what seemed to me, reassure them. They would call and she would make this deep noise, like a grunt. Every time.

We got to hold a joey too.
(joey is a baby kangaroo ;) )

There were a few orphans in the place and they were rearing them.

And then on to other things.

You may say, where is this rain? I no see it!


And here:

See, I told you.

But on pictures it looks nice, I think.

Too bad its not good for beach.

And this place has one of our favorite beaches ever.

We HAVE to go to it.

The weather reports are not good. We are getting worried.

And start thinking of plan B – extending the holiday to wait for the sunny day…

After pizza dinner, as ordered by the birthday girl, we go to bed and hope.

Hope against all hope that the weather is better tomorrow…


It better be.