Out of my ears, that is.

We got back tonight from our trip and I grabbed my coffee and ice water and blissfully sat down on my desk. My relaxed finger pressed the power button of my computer and I had a sip of my drink and awaited the awakening of the beast.


The black screen slapped me with an error. Cannot start whatever…missing file…crap!…black screen…error. I pressed Enter in hope that its a fluke or just a random warning…nothing. Error and black screen.

For the next two hours I was running between Mr.Blab’s computer and reading on solutions and mine. Digging through boxes of software and CDs, drivers and pulling my hair. My coffee got cold, the ice water was warm and the dreaded machine started. I got in.

The monitor is gobbely gook looking, half the things dont work, but I am in. The verdict? My hard disk has decided to go half dead on me. So I need a new one. Its all fine and dandy, but that means I need to install all my things back on – software, drivers, settings, emails…you get the sad, cold coffee picture.

So now instead of a post about the trip you get my steaming ears. But dont you dare complain, because I will eat you with your clothes. Dont mess with me, see the ears!

So long, my relaxing night back home. So long my Friday.

See the crocodile tears?

Why ME?! Uaaa…waaaa…..waaaaah

(disappears in a cloud of self pity)