On the road again

On the road again

It has been awhile since we have had a good road trip. Maybe two years or so. It was long overdue.

Our plans were quite simple,  nothing like that time when we drove across the  whole country. Still we were definitely excited and really looking forward to it. There was no snickering at our impending 5 hour trip, lets put it that way. And since it was also going to be a celebration of Miss B’s birthday…well, things were in a different dimension.

We piled an impressive amount of stuff for a quick 4 day trip. The boot was full. Not only that, but there were things under the back seats and under the front one too. The important part was that the girls had their own bags “on wheels” and they packed them themselves with great enthusiasm. I miss those times when things like that used to bring fizz in my day.

And we were off. Its a road trip, so be prepared for a few…road snaps.

The day was wonderful, not a cloud in the sky. Quite promising for us to enjoy one of our favorite beaches in the whole world.

The boy in the back was finding his own entertainment, while I was trying to find a spot for my head, so I can get a doze.
I always get sleepy in the car.

Since the school holidays were over and people had gone back to their jobs and daily lives, the roads were empty.

Except this guy:

4.5 hours and a stop for a snack and to stretch out the old limbs we were off the road and into the bush, on our way to the blueberry farm.

We love berries. But they are so incredibly, unreasonably expensive that we can mostly have them in small quantities.

Unless, that is,

we pick them ourselves.

And this is what we do down here. We pick a huge pile of blueberries and eat them by the handful.

While some were productive

Others just kept on digging in the dirt and not only that, but throwing it in my bucket!

I managed to clean it up a bit and fill it nicely with the blue fellas.

We were so fast! It was our fastest pick up ever.

On the way out of the area for picking, it happened.

It did.

I had started to hope it will never happen.

But it did.

I saw my first…

..wild snake.

Just like that, it scurried past, in front of us.

Miss Fab was with me, or I would have caused a scene. Ran around like a maniac or something.
But no, I had to be the responsible parent and be calm.

I dont know if that was the reason, or just there is nothing so freaky about the creatures, but I didnt really find it that scary. The snake just passed by, quite quickly. Maybe I didnt have time to react the way I always thought I would. Maybe I was just shocked. Who knows.

Anyway, I survived.  But I am definitely, absolutely positively not interested in repeating the experience.

After we loaded with berries we made our way to the place we rented.

The kids went wild.

Up and down the stairs, carefully placed all the contents of their bags around their room and in the wardrobe and drawers.

The place was nice and spacious.

We relaxed and I whipped up a quick pasta meal.

Which we enjoyed on the outside table.

Later on a shower and some impressively soft sheets ensured a lovely sleep, which prepared us for the next day.

(to be continued)