Trees and park and preparations for celebrations away

Trees and park and preparations for celebrations away

I want a tree like this in my backyard. They are absolutely wonderful for shade, climbing or tree riding (sitting on those branches and bouncing on them). Its a little corner of our favorite park lately. Just beautiful.

So, I am alive, if you have been wondering. Not very bloggy chatty, but fine otherwise. The weather – isnt that the topic one chooses when they dont know what to talk about? – has been quite hot, so the water fountains at the park are quite welcomed and a perfect place to play.

I am busy preparing.

Busy thinking up and organizing activities for the first term of “school”. Not ours, but all activities run according to the official school terms, so we have to follow them as well. I get heaps of emails and information from homeschooling happenings. Then I keep an eye out for other happenings. Then I think of more happenings on my own and then go on to look information for them. Its impossible.

So far we have heaps of sports this term. Miss Fab didnt want to do gym anymore, so we will do some easy going gymnastics, a group of kids will do a few hours of different sports every week. Acting. Writing with the author. Tennis.  Little B is the dancer, so she will do ballet and swimming. So exciting!

Where is the learning? Right there ;)

Ok, I have also ordered the next chapter of Story of the World. Lovely CD collection of the history of the world from the very beginning to modern times. We listen to it when driving to and fro. I am learning so much from it, quite handy. Then this term we will try Math-u-See to keep up the math awakening that is happening with the big girl. From math hater, she is turning into a math dont minder. There is hope, I tell you. Maybe its not a lost cause. So we will try that program and her sister is interested too.

Now that little one is so open to learning. I am curious to see if this will stay so with no school to dampen that. Only time will tell.

I am busy preparing.

I am also working on the gifts and preparations for Miss B’s birthday. Handmade gifts, wrapping, bows… Cake. Cake transportation. That last one is needed as we are off on a trip for a few days and since I have an order for cake, it needs to be transported there safely.

And in the midst of all this, I have to endure long afternoons in the park, with glorious trees and water fountains…


Trip means lots of photos! Excited?