More Saga – the avocado in the bag

More Saga – the avocado in the bag

Here is what happens if you leave the grocery bags on the floor for a little bit longer. I saw him playing with the avocado, but thought to myself “its alright, he cant do too much damage with this firm fruit”.

I was wrong.

Notice the hair mask! The wiping on the shirt. Lovely movements.

And some went in the mouth too, surprisingly enough.

But really, the trick is in the rapid movements.

Smash, smash, poke, poke, squish ( you should have heard the noises!).

The bench got some long needed treatment.

But he is a thoughtful boy. And cheerfully helped me clean up afterwords.

I wasnt allowed to do the wiping at all.

So, dont leave avocados around unless your wood furniture needs to be refreshed.