The other day I took the children to the river for some play around and to catch up with friends. On the way back we planned to visit a favorite cafe of ours and eat the yummo veggie balls they make for lunch.

It was hot, the place doesnt have air conditioning, only a few fans on the ceiling. We huff and puff into the place and I go to make our order. Then plop myself down and hope the lack of movement will cause some cooling of the systems.

– Mom, can I take off my top? – Miss Fab asked matter of factly.

My initial urge was to say no. We are at a public place and we wear clothes here. Its the respectable thing to do.

Its a stupid instinct, this molded by society one that puts others needs ahead of your feelings and comfort for things that are not important. So, I was going to make my child stew in a shirt, just because I didnt want to make the other people in the place uncomfortable in some way? Or because I didnt want to be judged as an irresponsible mother for not teaching my children proper manners? Or because I didnt want to be uncomfortable under the supposed glances of some strangers? Was really some unknown person’s opinion of me or my children or their comfort more important than that of one of the  people I love most on this Earth?

How often do we negate our children’s needs for those of people we dont know and will never see again in our lives? Or for our own selfish unreasonable feelings?

– Sure! You can also pour some water on it and put it on your neck.

Then Little B followed and I ate my lunch with two topless girls with wet t-shirts on their neck  and the world didnt end and the people around me didnt faint.