My bathroom is flooded

My bathroom is flooded

Its all soaked through and worst of all, not any cleaner either. Just wet to the bone.

I had a quick look through it, while paddling on to my bathroom mat. I examined the crime scene very carefully. Something serious had happened here. Not just a simple burst pipe. Oh, no. There were splatters all over the place. The ceiling was not spared, the further corner had some dust bunnies struggling for their lives in the puddle that formed.

The shock. I just couldnt think of what could have possibly caused all this. If we had a hose and a room mate that hated our guts, it could have been an explanation. But I was missing the two important pieces of this solution to solve the mystery at hand.

If Mr.Blab had installed a sprinkler in the middle of the bathroom by mistake, that too could have qualified as a reason. But no, Mr.Blab is not that handy.

If  our little boy’s hand had held the tap while it was running, thus spraying water all over the place, that too might have been a good resolution to this peculiar situation. But that would mean that we stayed around and watched. Maybe even laughed and hid behind towels. Laughed even harder when the forced water would go straight into the face of the full of giddy son of ours. If we were that type of irresponsible people, we could have taken pictures, while trying to protect the flash from the rain that would have inevitably been aimlessly spraying around.  But we are not such folk…

So we will never know what happened to our bathroom.