Following the gene connection

Following the gene connection

The kids have these stainless steel bottles that they use for water in the house. Since they are without any decorations we end up drawing stuff on them from time to time with a permanent marker. Which turns out to not be that permanent, because it rubs off in time. But that is not a bad thing really, as it means diversity of art and opportunity to try new things every time.

The kids started with simple names or letters. Then it grew to drawings. Then we the grown ups started being asked to contribute creative input. It was mostly Mr.Blab’s market. He is the water guy around here. He monitors the water supply in the house and makes sure we have a steady flow of cold water and ice. That entails careful planning and prompt refilling of any empty glass bottles and putting them straight into the shelf of the fridge door – in order – from left to right, right being the coldest. He also keeps a hawk eye on the ice bucket in the freezer. He is able to HEAR the level of the bucket by the sounds we make while getting ice from it! Impressive. Lets just say his job is hard during the summer months, we drink a LOT of water and we are never out. Props.

So, he also usually fills the girls bottles and had taken over the orders for art on the before mentioned water vessels.

But then one day I was asked to do something on the newly cleanly rubbed off metal canvas.  And then again.

This day Little B had her bottle adorned with daddy’s creations. Miss Fab asked me a little bit later.

Mr.Blab saw his business slip right in front of his eyes like the reel of an old movie. There was a bit of moaning, I am sure.

But wait, that is not the end of the story. Even though we could clearly see where the girls get that specific gene from, Little B looked at daddy and said:

– I love yours, daddy! You can do mine any time.

That kind heart, they get from him.