Hot, hot…hot

Hot, hot…hot

That is what has been around here. Hot.

Well hello in the new year. I think most of you are in the midst of winter, snow and all. Not us here, down under, we are simmering in the juices of summer and its not even the hottest time of the year. Someone kill me and chop me up and stuff me in the fridge. Although, I must say, that I have acclimatized to the heat the last few years. It doesnt knock me down like it used to.

The answer to the heat is usually, keep the blinds closed, the doors and windows shut and pretend you cant move too fast.

Other options are an impromptu consumption of ice chocolate on the floor of the kitchen:

I have never attempted such drink before. But decided to give it a go as I happen to have some milk in the fridge (for baking purposes). So here is my recipe, which was met with absolute approval by all and lets not forget that Mr.Blab is a professional American taster – in the know of all the sweet drinks, chews, lollies, fried sweets and the such.


Home made Ice Chocolate

Mix well on the stove top a cup of milk, french cocoa powder and brown sugar.
When its all nice and smooth, mix that with the rest of the milk, quantity depending on how many drinks you are making.

Whip some cream with a dash of vanilla essence, or better yet some fresh vanilla seeds.


get your glasses and put a few ice cubes in

followed by a few blobs of a good quality vanilla ice cream

pour your chocolate milky mixture in

plop a dollop of the whipped cream

shave some dark chocolate on top

Then pretend in never happened and dont blog about it, especially if you have aspirations for a healthy life and all.

So dont ruin your reputation. Just enjoy, preferably on the floor.

Then we moved to the darker part of the house, which is always cooler and the big fan and high ceilings help too. Here is also where the cardboard house resides at the moment.

It has an art wall inside now.

And a little Baklava too:

Who enjoys the hot because he usually doesnt wear much more than a necklace. And kids know good stuff. And being naked is good stuff, that is before we were all conditioned that its something to be ashamed of or that is something dirty and ‘private’. Scrap that, my kids will go around naked as long as their heart desires. Little B spends her day like that often and the other day Ms Fab changed from swimming costume to her clothes in the parking lot without even flinching at being naked for a minute. Made me happy somehow. I dont have that freedom, I dont think I ever had it in my conscious life. Even when my body was perfect by all standards of society, which I can only see now, looking back at it.

Radioactive poops?

We have those too. Its a specialty of ours.

It has nothing to do with the product I provide…I think.

Now to business.

We are approaching the 1000th  comment. I wanted to give that particular commenter a little gift of some sort. But I am not sure what you would like. So any ideas? You know what I do, can do or would like to do.

And I am whipping you all, as nobody wanted to share their views on What is Life About. Shame.

Did I mention its hot?