Last minute New Year thoughts

On the eve of the new year I have been thinking. Maybe I should have one of those resolutions people make. I have never really done that before. Not because I have something against them, just seemed a bit of a waste of time. They are good because it gives you a chance to start up fresh and ‘new’, but on the other hand if it doesnt quite work out, then its too easy to consider the whole year gone and ruined and not do anything else for the rest of it. Its tarnished with the failure of the last year’s resolutions. And lets face it, the vast majority of them will be such. The first slip and There! its not working.  Seeking perfection pretty much assures us disappointment.

But its good to have some ideas for a way things can improve, best if its without too much pressure on our already fragile state of happiness and satisfaction of the self.  So here are mine:

Win the bloody Lotto
Its about time, I say. I have been scolding Mr.Blab for being a slack aaarse about it and its not getting through to him. I keep on telling him he needs to just jot down the right numbers, but he things I am joking and kind of gives me a nervous smirk. I just want us to be financially independent. I want us to be able to travel half the year and then spend the rest in our big land somewhere. I dont want fancy cars, I will travel economy even.

Be self sufficient
Grow our own food, make our own electricity, collect our own water. I can almost feel the satisfaction of such a set up.

Be healthy
Dont be fooled by the sequence of this. This is actually the most important bit and always has been. Cause if we are not healthy nothing else matters.

Have similarly fortunate group of friends
We would need a small, but quality bunch of healthy, self sufficient, financially capable people to share the joys of our fortunes with. Cause its always more fun with some like minded friends around.

And thats it. Just a few simple demands ideas.

Nothing much to it.

See you in the New Year and thank you for sticking around. Hugs!