Fun for $1

Fun for $1

Sparklers. That has been the nightly ritual these days. Mr.Blab came home with a pack of them one day and then the kids went wild and then of course he went and bought half the store stock. At least they are not expensive.

And they are fun.


I even ran around and waved my hands in excitement while the sparks were flying around me. The Baklava started to copy me and sing to my made on the spot tune.

The girls, they just jump and squeal. It must be good before bed activity. It must.

Say what?

You talking to me?

B.O.?… me?

Maybe I ran around too much in the heat or didnt wave my hands enough to provide good circulation.

What? Yeah, I knew you didnt really mean it. Of course I did. He-he..

*looking around sheepishly*