Speaking of mulberries..

Speaking of mulberries..

– Hi Mum! Whatcha doin?

Oh, nothing much darling. Just walking around with my camera…Dad called me that there is something interesting happening.

– Yeah? I wonder what that is..do you know?

I am getting an idea. I kind of think I know.

– What mum? Whats so interesting?

You, my little baklava. Its you.

– Me?! Really?!

– Whats so interesting about me…I am just…like…oups look at that!


– That! THAT! It feels nice on my fingers. When you do this…

– and I like it on my legs…when it splatters…hehehe

I can see that. Can I laugh til I pee?

– I do it without the laughing, you should try..

– DAAAAAAAD! Bring more mulberries!

– See. This is how you do it. You should try.

Mmmm, how about I just take the pictures?

– I squeeze my fingers and all sorts of fun happens!

Do you eat any?

– Yes! And tomatoes too, I like tomatoes.

– But I like to do this better now. *splat*

– Yup, thats how I like it.

I like you.

How about this, can you have some fun here?

– Oooh, water! I like water even though I cant grab it.

Dont stop trying, you never know.