The tree back there

The tree back there

Our mulberry tree has been giving us fruits lately. And not only that. It seems to have grown Rosellas too:

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We think they like the shade of it, as on hot days it looks like an overbooked parrot hotel. We decided to be good hosts and give them a sprinkling of water when we shower ourselves in the afternoon of those hot muggy days. I am not sure we have figured out whether they like it or not. But we think they should, so we keep on doing it. Plus its fun.

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They are beautiful birds. They are. They also do ugly liquid poops. Everywhere. Black ones. Everywhere. That part is not fun.

So now our old loving tree has turned from a cool place to play and lay under into a danger zone. Fallen mulberries make for some land mines that explode under your feet and make it impossible to use the shade for leisure activities. While black bird poops fly from above.

The kids dont mind though. Bless them. Thank goodness for the hose.

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