Absolute potato butteriness

Absolute potato butteriness

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I love potatoes.

Every kind of potato you have, I will eat it – fried, boiled, smashed, mashed, baked (not faked)…

I dont indulge this passion too much though. But when I do, I go all out.

For this version you start with washed and chopped to big chunks potatoes.
I leave the skin, as its the healthiest part of them and it gets crispy by the end of this process.

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Now, fill with water and throw in some sea salt and boil.

Boil until they they get soft, but not too soft. You will see why in a minute.

Prepare for the next step.
Run to the garden and grab some thyme and garlic chives.

Then on the way back grab the stick of french butter, you will need it.

Drain the potatoes, but leave a bit of liquid in and then throw in the herbs,
as much butter as you think you can handle. We handle a lot.
And pour a good dollop of extra virgin olive oil.

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Now, put the lid on and cover it with a towel.

And then shake. Shake well to mix all the goodies and to make the potatoes rough.
Then pour them in a baking tray.

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And put them in a moderately hot oven.

Then check out your pot and savor the left overs.
They are deeeeelishious.

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I had to share…

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When your pots look like that you are done.

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I serve them with a huge salad, to counteract the attack.

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But you can enjoy them anyway you wish.

Just make sure you make enough.