The Baklava update

The Baklava update

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Its hot and sweaty, so Caramel Popcorn turned into a Baklava.

He has made a few steps now. He managed to actually move forward on his own two feet, upright.

Walk, you see.

He signs, vocalizes and communicates. He goes on the potty…sometimes. He kisses everyone in sight. He shares his food with us, even when we dont really want it. He puts his head on my legs and rests it there, just for awhile. He loves being ‘tapped’ (washed in the bathtub with just the tap running). He is kissed a thousand times a day, right after squeals of “He is soooo cute!”. And everything he does is cute – poo in his pink flowery panties, pour a glass of water onto himself and half the room, put his pasta in his ear/hair, burp, fart, twitch, smile, not smile, just look at you, just sitting there doing nothing. All cute. Just ask the girls.

There is probably more to say, I am sure of it, but…I have been staring in his eyes in this picture and all is gone. Its all melted and my brain with it too. And all that is left is just love, overpowering and warm. And it has nothing to do with logic or conscious thought. Nothing at all.

We are all lost in the sweet stickiness of the Baklava.