Where there is fun, there are animal droppings

Where there is fun, there are animal droppings

We love going to the agricultural shows that could be found just about everywhere in Australia. Since we moved here, we had visited the big city show, but it just was not right. Too commercial, too many people that go there just for the rides and the show bags and too little nice food. Scratch that, there was no nice food at all, just fat dripping fast food.

So we decided this year we aint going. We are putting our footS down and staying put. Until…that is until we heard of another show – little, local, uncorrupted by greedy city folk. Our eyes lit, our hearts skipped a bit and we jumped in the car and took off.

We were met with additive free home made jerky stand.

Further down the dusty, pebbly road was this little boy, doing his thing, with an axe:

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There were no safety boots or such, just normal shoes. There were a few kids walking around with axes and having a go at a block of wood. I loved watching them. Kids are not idiots. Yes, if you give my four year old the handle, she will likely chop her knee off before you say “hold here”, but if children have been watching their parents and community chop wood daily, they will have knowledge of how to handle the thing and what is safe.

And this is what their grown ups do:

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Kids do what the big people do. Simple.
Not easy to accept if you have an unruly, unkind, angry little one, but true never the less.

In the heat there were even these guys and their hammers. Ovens as well.

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And where there are horse shoes there are…


No. Not horse shoe shops!

Horse shoes neeeed….?

( )

Definitely not laces! Laces?!


Like these ones:

But seriously, horses are beautiful animals, not?

I have never been on one and I sooo want to. I am afraid I will enjoy it so much, I wont be able to stand it and it will become an expensive hobby.

I can see why the Pioneer Woman snaps them so much, well other than just because they have a lot of them, there in her heavenly ranch with her heavenly husband and her blond heavenly children. You dont know her? Never mind then, cause her blog is like tops. Its like butter. She is the blog goddess and you will never come back to me. Cause while she has heaps of these:


I have heaps of these with attitude:

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Welcome to my favorite part of the show.

The birdies.

There were the cocky fellas down the isle.


The slightly crazed duck that gave me the evil eye.

I was glad he was caged.

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Darth Maul was waiting around the corner.

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Some were tippy-toey.


Only one was productive.

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But most were just twiddling their thumbs.

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There were other animals too. Some more interesting than others.

My daughter touched one too!

Hey, we are city folk and our children can be a bit funny about contact with other species.

But she did it!

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The dangerous animal was of this family, scary stuff:



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Some animals were indiscreetly unclothed in front of everybody.


We stole their clothes.

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The produce section met us with wonderful surprises too.

Things like green eggs (yeah, really, Dr. Seuss!) and garlic that barely made it though my never ending hunger for it.

I love the thing. I eat industrial quantities of it. I love it, love it, love it…Burp..oups.


And my respect goes to the creators of these two projects.

One being the tree house made out of sticks and the other is a felt ‘painting’.

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The kids span their brains out on the playground.

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And on the dance floor.

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Until we were sent off with a reminder of the simple things in life that warm the soul.

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We loved it. And we have found our show.

Be back next year!