Where there is water, there is fun

Where there is water, there is fun

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Here is a recipe for a completely uneventful and wonderfully non productive day.

Grab some kids, hopefully your own, but borrowing some is acceptable. Or better yet, mix them up and get the best of both worlds.

Provide them with a river.

And a jetty if at all possible.

Why, you wonder? Why not just a river or a wet patch in the middle of your backyard?

Cause, my dearest readers, you can jump off a jetty.

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You can sneak bellow it and enjoy the action, undisturbed like a secretive freak.

Luckily I am the parent, so no one was running me off the grounds.

You can also run on top of the jetty like a mad person. For no good reason.

That last one is a favorite for every child. I wish I had that too.
Instead I take the pictures:

Then after a few hours in the water and when the kids are all wet to the bones, you put a picnic rug on the grass for them to lie on. That is because you forgot to bring a towel or anything really. You would think that is a shame, but not. Dont fret. The little ones manage to make it all fun in a matter of seconds. The rug becomes a tent and everything ends well.

With dripping seats at the back of the car.

And that is how you do it.