Where there is heat, there is water

Where there is heat, there is water

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Summer is here. Most definitely here. The heat has reached some uncomfortable levels and it calls for extra special measures. We have our own ways of dealing with the situation without an air conditioning – open the windows up in the attic room to get the choking heat out; keep the windows down closed after 9am; dont move too much; not at all; volunteer to go to the store to peruse the aircon in the car; stay in the vehicle that little bit extra. And get wet, very wet.

The kids take this to a new level. Play in the mud, stomp and run around while eating all the fruits from the mulberry tree. Then get wet again and lay around on the ground and make a huge mess with the peanuts. Oh, wait it was this one that made the mess:

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Dirt, he likes dirt. Likes to have it flow through his little inquiring fingers. He likes to rub it on his leggies and splash some water on it to make a lovely little muddy mess suitable for sticking under his fingernails. Dirt goes wonderfully on the face too, for markings or just because, for the fun of it.

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Dirt goes well with the freshly picked tomatoes as well. He loves the things.

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And that is how one deals with such a sweaty hot day. Or at least one of the ways to do it. I am not claiming any kind of genius here, just good ole common sense and thirst for fun – water cools and its so darn exciting too.

If you are reading this from a place where water is only as a solid at the moment – oups! Sorry about that ;)