Los Angeles – the other world part I

Los Angeles – the other world part I

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More than a year later, its time to come back and try and finish up the last few posts from my trip.

It all paused in LA. Not sure if the fact that the city didnt impress me that much or just because it happened to be the last big stop and hence I was tired of writing, but the fact of the matter is that this post has been waiting for a long time to be written.

The reason I came to LA was because I thought it would be interesting and because Mr.Blab’s best friend lives here, so I could stay for free, which is not something to be disregarded in any around the world trip. And thank goodness he was there to keep me company and to drive me around, as the place is huge and public transport is non existent.

I of course put foot on Venice Beach boardwalk.

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Had lunch at a cafe there. I believe it was a salad of some kind. Some hippy kind.

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The place was interesting. Mr.Blab used to tell me how they would sit around here and do “people watching” and I can see how that would be a perfect place for that. The individuals and deviations one can find make for a good conversation starter. There is a lovely relaxed atmosphere, which is counterbalanced by the self involved cool people who also roam around.

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Speaking of beaches, my guide took me to Zuma beach in Malibu.

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Then made me climb up a cliff while making fun of my sandals. Apparently they were not suitable for such activities.

He even took a picture of my offending footwear!

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Yours truly, after climbing sandy cliffs.

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The beach is huge. It was a work day so I am guessing that is why it was so quiet and peaceful.

When we came back down we chatted with the security guard who was watching over the parked trailers.
We didnt get to see the shooting of a movie, but we saw the change rooms…from outside.

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More beach.

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We were coming back from Zuma beach when we passed this area and I had to stop to take a picture of these houses.
You dont get much more beach front than that.

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Staying with a local who makes fun of your shoes has its benefits.
He knew all the cool local places for food.

The first night we went to his favorite authentic Mexican restaurant Las Hadas which I enjoyed a lot all the way to the hot peppers and cool beer. It aint no Taco Bell dear readers. It was big plates of soft meat and condiments that were absolute bliss for this glutton.

Then he knows which diner to take you so you can experience the real deal and a lot of old people sipping coffee silently.

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So you can eat a big ole plate of breakfast.

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Followed by a big ole plate of waffles with cream and maple syrup.

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Or a little sneaky Chinese place.

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That also make a killer wonton soup.

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And you can be driven to the markets for a cup of coffee.

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Walk around.

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Admiring  the creative display.

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And of course eating. This time some southern food. Spicy Jambalaya and potatoes.

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Since I did other things than eat as well…next we go to a baseball game.

To be continued…