9 November – Home Birth Protest

9 November – Home Birth Protest

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The girls had their first experience with a political protest today. Caramel Popcorn is a seasoned fighter for women’s rights, so he didnt bat an eyelash, just slept on my back in the heat of the day.

The issue is becoming ridiculous. We have made our voices well heard through letters and record submissions to the Senate inquiry. We flew from all around the country to Canberra to stay in the rain and let our Government know how we feel about the changes they are making to the health regulations. We are not asking for special treatment. We are not asking for new hospitals. We dont want anything more than what is given to women who chose to go and give birth in a medical setting. And yet, we are shunned.

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Part of my letter to my local representative:

…Now, few months later, the Health Minister is putting into law a requirement for “collaborative arrangement” between independent midwives and doctors. A requirement that is not even possible, since the Medical Association officially refuse to support home births and dont accept it as a viable choice. The midwives will have to work with people who dont see their value in order to be registered (get indemnity insurance), while the Ob/Gyn practitioners will have no reason to “collaborate”. The power will shift from the woman to the doctor and suddenly her wishes will be secondary to the will of the doctor with whom she is forced to ‘collaborate’.

The reason women choose independent midwives and pay thousands of dollars for their services is often because the system has traumatised them or refuses to respect their right to bodily integrity. Its their last option to ensure they will be respected during their birth and free of undue pressure to accept unwanted interventions. With these changes, this option will be taken away and the medicalized system of childbirth will have full monopoly over the services offered to birthing women. The independent option will be demolished. At what cost, obviously nobody cares.

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I loved this scene, not sure why, women..together:

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Greens Senator Rachel Siewert:

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Why is it so hard to accept that its:

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And again, women’s rights are met with a silence and shut doors.

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How could this be an issue in a country like ours?