Laptop full of pictures..

Laptop full of pictures..

Yes. Yesterday I went to upload the latest batch of photos and it, in not so many words, informed me that my obsession with taking pictures has caused it great pain and it refuses to accept any more. Period.

In less than 2 years I have managed to fill its mega gigabyte belly full of the memories of my life. My portable hard drive is buckling too, so I need reinforcements before something explodes on me. And no, I am not exaggerating at all.

I remembered this picture I took a few days ago and thought I will use it instead.

The last three weeks or so have been quite an emotional roller coaster for me. I know horrible things happen around the world. I know suffering and pain is part of the lives of many around the world. I know that. But when you have connection to it in any way or form it suddenly becomes real, tangible and hard to process. Distance is what makes most of inequality and unfairness possible. If each of us had to actively ignore and walk past a starving, swollen bellied infant to buy the next useless, but highly desirable object, we wont be able to do it. Yes, should I give these 20 dollars to the mom of the child to feed it, or should I purchase this thing that will end up in the bottom of a drawer full of crap I have been trying to sort through for months? And yet, that is what we do daily. We live in our lovely worlds, buying all this stuff that we dont really need, the syndrome of I Have Nothing To Wear with a wardrobe full of clothes, while people are starving and dying. The only thing that makes it possible is distance.

So I have had this distance cut on me and ended up in the middle of a heap of quite unbelievable practices and beliefs that have left me horrified and…sad. Maybe even a little bit lost. Mr.Blab and I have done our best to make a life for our family that is worth living. Life that makes us happy and content. At the same time there is so much suffering, injustices and unimaginable pain out there in the big blue world. One can easily go and spend their life trying to do something about it or one can just ignore it and pretend its not happening. And then there is the middle ground, or some kind of balance between the two extremes.

Its just one of the decisions we have to make daily. And there are many, many more that shape our experiences and eventually our life.

That brings me to the theme of a proposed guest bloggers submissions:

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Dont be fooled by my serious intro, its just what brought me to this line of thinking. I am not looking for some grand idea or anything in particular really. This is not about the meaning of life. That always seems so scary and impossible to answer. I am interested in your own unique view on how you see this question, based on your experiences so far and on your own perspective. Maybe you never thought about it? Maybe you dont want to? Maybe you have a whole book written on the subject? All of those are welcomed.

So if you want to share, drop me a message with your name and link if you have one.  I will make a post of all the takes on the question later.