Random creativity

Random creativity

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I think I have mentioned it before, but I dont feel pressure to fill my kids time with activities. If they say “I am bored” for example, I dont feel like a bad mom shortchanging my offspring. It doesnt happen often, but if it does, I just say “then do something”.

And they do.

The other day we were secretly watching them do tribal dancing around a pile of sticks they had gathered and topped with red flowers in the rain. They were jumping and roaring and having the best time. We were a bit chuffed too, but that is not important.

Or they start with some bowls and water. Then drop some toys in and fill accomplished. But then they continue and run around the house and outside looking for supplies and back to their room. Until they have a little frog pond on their dresser! With no, absolutely no help from us, the grown ups.

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Being free do discover and create is invaluable. There is nothing like making something yourself, not being guided to it. Free time, time to let the mind roam, throwing rocks for fun, hiding in a tree, picking your nose and tasting your boogers, space to find your interests or explore just for the sake of it is one of the best presents I can give my kids. Especially when one keeps in mind how little of it we have when we grow up.

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Chuffed parent.