I was forced

I was forced

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To sail on that boat and jump overboard in the name of blog entry frequency.

Mr.Blab: You gonna blog tonight?

ME: Ummm…yeeeeaaaah

Mr.Blab: Its been few days now..

ME: I know. I will. I should. It should happen. Yeah

Mr.Blab: What will you blog about?

ME: Not sure…something

Mr.Blab: Do I get any hints?

ME: Any suggestions?

Mr.Blab: Me?

ME: Yes, you got any ideas?

Mr.Blab: Well, what did you do today…went swimming…the tomato, see, you can blog about the garden patch.

ME: I have no photos of that

Mr.Blab: yes, but when you have, you can do that.

ME: But, I dont have any.

Mr.Blab: Yep.

I love the guy, but his ideas suck.

So we are on some ice cream eating frenzy. Not the kids, they are asleep when most of the horror happens. We found this brand and now I think we are in love. The good news is that with the second tub, I am feeling the overload, so maybe the end of this is near.

Caramel Popcorn is changing. Turning into a little person, you see.

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This is where he stands, watching his sisters play in the backyard. Nuding up if at all possible.

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“MUM! Did you have to show this? Its in bad taste”

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“Its ok, Dodman, people love little nakid babies. They go all goo-gaa over them
I think its the little squishy bums or the tiny little “dangler”, I am not sure”

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“Ooooh, now I get it!”
“You are the best mum ever!”

“Yeah, I know”

Sometimes he is just being cute and sweaty.

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Other times, just crushing my creative photographic juices.

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But mainly, just trying to rearrange the house.

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“What else can I touch?”

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But in the end it all comes to an sweet, sweaty, calm collapsing mass somewhere on my body.

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“Mum, can you just leave me alone?”

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“Sorry, booba”

You sleep, I will savour.

And savour I did.