..And she looks like

..And she looks like

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Gabrielle Anwar ;)

Well, maybe not so much this afternoon, but in the morning her lips were so puffed up and a bit of her nose is a bit swollen and she was a spitting image of the girl, with a puffed up top lip and all.

The healing is happening very fast, thank goodness for blood rich lips and mouth. I thought the purple black hematoma will take longer, but it has improved in front of our eyes literally. I hate the fact that now we will have to wait till the permanent top teeth come in to see if there is any damage there. She bashed right there, high in the gum. Serenity now, serenity now.

And then Mr.Blab bought this wonderful coffee ice cream tub and I had to eat it. Dont be cynical, I had no choice of course. Its sitting here next to me all empty and content at last. My butt is happy too, as its existence is not endangered at all. I was hoping to be all fresh and sporty for summer, but not with these moves by dear Mr.Blab. He just wants me for himself. Thats it, I know it. I will NOT eat any more of his carefully positioned ice cream.

What else?

Anyone want to write a guest post? Or we can make a “many guests” post! I, as the site owner extraordinaire ice cream eating butt growing fashionista will chose a topic and you can all send me your responses and I will post them together. Huh? Huh?

Enough sugar for me. I better go to bed.