Cheap, well free, party decorations

Cheap, well free, party decorations

This tip has been waiting to be shared for a few weeks now, but today is your lucky day.

Ok, now, go to your local hardware shop and grab a bunch of paint color swatches. We picked a whole line of similar intensity ones, so they work well together, but you be creative and go with whatever. Yellow and black for a Bee party, shades of green for Saint Patrick and so on.

Then decorate at your hearts content. I put the kids to work and they did big circles on ours, as we had a Dot themed party.

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They had too much fun with that.

Then I used some white paint and sloppily wrote the letters.
Some string and little cute pegs we had lying around and

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I have a few left overs and I wonder what else we can make of them. Maybe I should look around, I am sure people have gotten creative with this free source of colored paper.

Thrifty out.