The video ate my homework

I am alive!

I know I have pretty much confirmed my status as the title of the previous post, but you would not believe what a big tiger moved in the house and crushed the roof, and then a whale escaped from the river nearby (dont ask) and moved into our garage…until the elephant from the zoo came by, quite angry I may add, and just flattened the place down. So, it has been quite a week, give me a break.

Ok, maybe it didnt go quite like that, but it sure felt like it. I have been meaning to put the birth video into some kind of a digital format since, well, the birth, over a year ago. The camera is supposed to be able to connect to the computer and all, but I cannot find a cable to get it done, so I have just given up on it. So! I decide to play it on the TV and take it with the video setting on my old digital camera. Perfect. I do it, it works great, look ok enough. But the bloody format is not that good. I cannot work with it and no free decoder could be found anywhere.

Fine, I will use the built in camera of my laptop. Great, but this thing has no zoom whatsoever, so I had to sit right infront of the TV and hold the laptop up high and try not to move too much. Few tries and finally I have had enough and decide to work with whatever I have. Then more format issues…solved. Then some persistent horrid noise, which was coming from the camera itself. Not solved. Then some advertising logo popping from the camera on MY video. What the?! I HATE CREATIVE. There, now I feel better.

Then figuring out the program and what I wanted to do with the now pretty crappy video. Then trying to figure out how to put it on the blog without uploading it on some other server with some other people. Then installing the plug in and working that out. Then, trying to handle flv files and quality issues….then…then…

And that is how a bunch of nights fly away.

Now, you may think this means that the video is now the bestest thing you will ever see. That would be a mistake. Here, effort doesnt equal quality. Just a result. If I was aiming for quality, it would have taken me a month. Plus, I had to deal with Mr.Blab’s out of focus footage. Sheesh ;)

Missed ya!