Slack aaarse

Slack aaarse

Thats what Mr.Blab said I was in regards to my blog. He is not happy and he let me know,  as my best reader and most frequent visitor.

Ok, dude. Fair enough. But have you fixed the crappy drawers of the craft cabinet? Have you stopped the tap in the bathroom from dripping? Huh? Have you cleaned your half of the desk? There are frikin shoes on it! Two pairs. Have you finished started on your desk refurbish project? Well?…so I thought.

hahaha, I just remembered our conversation the other day when you mentioned how you cant win any discussion…hahaha. You aint winning this one either, my dearest bestest reader, with all due and undue respect (hope you stick around, cause I am desperate).

See, I made a post. Not only that, but I will add a picture too. Of your second born daughter at that. Here she is before she started bossing you around to go fetch her shoes ;)


Refusing to admit to being a slack aarse with dignity
Slack Aaarse Blogger*

*aarse spelled wacky on purpose, dont want any proper aaaarse searching people coming around.