Equal opportunity and snack

Equal opportunity and snack

Mr.Blab and I decided to do a marathon Dexter night, by hiring the DVD – saves us suspense and a lot, a lot, a lot of ads. Seriously, did you know that commercial TV fits like 15-20 min of ads in an hour! No wonder they drive us nuts.

So we announce our night plans and the girls feel left out, they want to watch a movie too. Like its a democracy or something. We had some debates and finally they got to chose a movie to watch before dinner. Ms.Fab uses her age advantage and works her sister up and convinces her  to agree for them to chose Harry Potter. Hey, there has to be some benefits in being older.

I serve snack.

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Watch movie.



Mr.Blab and I under the blanket on the floor of the living room enjoying a 5 hour marathon of TV screen watching. Accompanied by some cheese, crackers and strawberries.